Sunday, June 12, 2011

After the Jump: Not the Normal People

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Craig and I were gone this week. We were at a lovely, lovely wedding for two of our lovely, lovely friends while all of you losers were sitting at home watching Squidbillies reruns. Do you like apples? Well how do you like those apples?!

Special occasions or no, the podcast must go on, so we enlisted the help of three of our finest flunkies (Boivin, Giaco, and Jordasch) to make the 'cast happen in our absence. I have not yet listened to the result, so what you're getting is pure and uncut and completely not my responsibility (unless it's great, in which case you're welcome).

On their docket: Tracy Morgan's homophobic rant, E3, the DC Comics reboot, the (adjective) death of one of the creators of Mad Libs, and more.

Thanks for listening, as always! See you next week!