Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blogging About the Blog: A Note on Charge Shot!!!

Hey guys!

If Google Analytics is to be believed, there are quite a few of you out there who come to our merry little site on a pretty regular basis - you're well acquainted with our crack writing team, our regular features, and our rakish good looks. Thanks for reading! You all make this worthwhile.

For the rest of you, the brand-new readers and the people who have been around for just a little while, I wanted to take a second to show you around and tell you about all the stuff we're doing. I'll keep it short.

Most of our posts (and we try to have at least one, if not two a day) are editorial or review-style writings about the pop culture issues of the day, we do have quite a few running features that you should know about: First up, Chris Holden guides you through popular music from the perspective of an outsider every Monday in Thoughts of an Aspiring Music Snob, and you should read it whether you're an aspiring music snob or a full-on Pitchfork acolyte.

Our next feature runs on Monday afternoons, and it comes courtesy of our own Alex Boivin: take pleasure in his pain while you read the hilarious, masochistic Decade of Dreck posts that take on the Rotten Tomatoes-sanctioned list of the 100 worst movies of the '00s. The other side of that coin is snootier, but no less essential: Jordan "Jordasch" Pedersen's Art House in the Middle of the Street, which combines a love for classic film with a love for flimsy puns.

If none of those features are doing it for you, you could always read stuff that our talented writers do elsewhere - Andrew Pankin covers baseball in what I assume is great detail over at Thoughts About Baseball and Life, and relative newcomer Giaco Furino wants to combine poetry with partying in a way that Science said couldn't be done over at Giaco's Poetry Party. Or maybe if you just want to be like "what just happened" you could go look at the webcomic that Craig and I do called Hey Look, It's Cranston!

Last but definitely not least, Craig, myself, and a revolving door of third parties all get together to bring you After the Jump, our weekly pop culture newscast. It's an hour-long show full of cussing and diversions peppered among genuine insight, and you owe it to yourself to subscribe to us on iTunes.

That's all the big stuff! You should also make sure to enjoy our new, much more readable mobile site for use on iOS and Android phones, follow the site on both Twitter and Facebook, or subscribe to our ever-updating RSS feed.

There you have it - every possible way to enjoy our ever-expanding library of great, thoughtful writing by great, thoughtful people. As always, thanks so much for reading, and thanks even more for commenting (which I'm sure you'll do!).