Wednesday, June 8, 2011

E3 2011, Day 2, 9:19pm

Greg Grunberg is sad that Duke Nukem
Forever is never coming out
Whoo, what a day! After a full day on the show floor and full losing effort at softball, I'm totally wiped out! But I saw a lot from both Nintendo and Sony, and also watched a demo of my nominee for "Best in Show." SPOILER ALERT! It's Bioshock Infinite from 2K and Irrational Games. More about that in my full recap tomorrow. Since I am trying my best to masquerade as a contributing member of society, I have to return to my real job tomorrow, so I won't be at day 3 of the expo. Thus I'll miss a lot of the free stuff - apparently people tend to want to give their shit away rather than pay to ship it back to their home base.

Anyway, I'll start you off now with what I didn't see. Sadly, circumstances prevented me from playing either the new Wii U or Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the regular, dumb Wii, although I did see a lot of both. Zelda looks like a lot of fun, but I've had that type of fun before, and I'm skeptical how this could offer more fun than Ocarina of Time... but we've all been surprised by Nintendo before. The coolest thing I saw regarding the Wii U was how two players could play against each other: one using the Wiimote to control the TV screen and another using the new controller to control the very own personal LCD screen contained in said new controller. Nintendo said they were laying off the gimmicks for this one, and yet... more gimmicks? We'll see how it goes over.

Mars, locking down the
Arkham City demo area
I was lusting after Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but Bethesda was only showing it behind closed doors and all the spots were booked for today. Neither did I get to sample any Kinect titles, although the people in the pods looked so rigid and cramped that I wondered if I would really have that much fun. Apparently Zach Levi played Fable: The Journey and liked it just fine. He and Greg Grunberg were both there, hanging out, taking pictures, and lending a classy celebrity air to the proceedings.

Also, today they opened up the Arkham City demo to the public (any member of the public willing to wait in Disney-esque lines). I didn't get in to see it again, but I did make friends with Mars, one of the gigantic Arkham Security dudes guarding the demo area. He turned out to be pretty chill for someone who could snap me like a twig. I wasn't able, however, to make friends with either of the Duke Nukem girls or Chun-Li over at the Capcom booth. Just my luck...

So tune in tomorrow as I write in-depth about my two most meaningful experiences of the day: playing Little Big Planet on the Sony Vita, and two brand-spankin' new demos from 2K.